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Bessie Bibbs' ginormous fibs

Have you ever met someone who claims to be great at everything? A huge boaster of their own talents? You surely have. Well in the town of Hoppity Thicket, meet Bessie: a lady so confident in herself, she’ll volunteer for anything and everything.

This loveable rogue just wants to help. The only problem is … she doesn’t help. In fact, she only manages to make things worse. A whole lot worse! 

The second book in our monster series.

Explore the magical world of Benjamin Peel’s garden.

Our heroine, Penelope, meets the charming Prince Winkle when he rolls down a deadly ravine. He’s just rescued a young boy called Colin from the clutches of a band of giants.

So unfolds a story of romance, adventure and magic.



Red spotted ned

Ned is a spotted monster. A very angry spotted monster. And when he gets mad – which is most of the time – his spots turn an angry shade of red.

The brunt of his ire is mild-mannered next door neighbour Yuri, who just wants to make Ned happy.

Can Ned change his ways and become the loveable, green-spotted monster Yuri believes he secretly is?

The first book in our monster series.


Harley hound

Harley is a basset hound. And being a basset hound brings certain challenges!

Then one day, something momentous happens! Suddenly, Harley is able to be the dog she’d always dreamt of being. She could do the things she saw other dogs do – carry huge sticks, fly through the air to catch balls … even intimidate other dogs.

However, being someone she’s not, wasn’t all she’d imagined. Because others liked her just the way she was…

How Our Books Support Learning

Our goal with these rhyming picture books is to challenge young minds. We do that through captivating stories, that develop vocabulary and stimulate active imaginations!
the author of these rhyming picture books
Chris Jones

Coming Soon


Myrtle The Hawksbill Turtle

Did you know there are only around 700 hawksbill turtles left on the planet?

This beautiful and heart-warming story introduces the impact of climate change and conservation, but in a gentle & upbeat way.

Noodle the labradoodle

We’re currently busy planning this story!

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